If you have ever experienced Anxiety then I’m sure you know it’s a feeling of nervousness, worry and constant stressing.

I have had Anxiety for around a year now but in recent months I have noticed it getting much worse.

I ask myself “What is wrong with me?”
“Will I ever feel ‘normal’ again?”

Anxiety has restricted me from going to the shops alone and going to friends houses. It has taken away my sense of self-control and if you add a bad case of depression into the mix I’m just one fun cocktail!

I haven’t given up, but I do feel defeated.
In my mind I am fighting for my life.
My happiness.

xoxo DaiseyDropper


3 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. Sorry to hear your anxiety is getting worse. Unfortunately the more you listen to your anxiety and avoid the things you want to do, the more anxious you will feel about it.

    Are you seeing anyone regarding your anxiety? Finding the right psychologist really helped me


    1. Thanks for listening, I have had my first appointment with a psychologist. It was so hard to even get in the door let alone laying everything out.
      At the end of all that they just referred me to another adult mental health service with other psychologist whom I’m still waiting a phone call from.
      I have lost interest in most things, taking baby steps each day is slowly helping.

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      1. it can be real tiresome to tell your story over and over and over and over. I’ve been through numerous mental health professionals but I finally found the right one!

        It can be really hard to find joy in doing anything when you are smothered by those feelings of anxiety and depression.

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