Morning Motivation

Good morning everyone!!
I found some motivation to get my ass out of bed and go for a walk this morning. I woke up early, horrible sleep. Its Sunday here in Australia and the morning was nice and foggy, so I leashed up my four legged companion and went into town and walked along the river. I used to walk and run a block every day. I used to get up an hour earlier of a morning and got it over with, because of an afternoon all I want to do is wind down and get dinner sorted. I am hoping to get into some form of exercise routine because I miss how good I used to feel after exercising, knowing I was getting one step closer to my goal. Loosing motivation is so easy! I went from someone who never exercised to 5 days a week to next to nothing again.
Finding your motivation may be difficult, as it has for me, but if I can drag my lazy butt out of bed, then anyone can!
I would much rather be sleeping in next to my fiancé, but I really need to do this for me.
It becomes less of an effort the more you do it, like most things but it was something I once enjoyed. I loved taking pictures along my travels and finding new spots.

For now, share with me what you find your biggest motivator! What gets your ass out of bed to exercise?

Mine is to feel good about myself. If I don’t exercise, I feel like shit. I want some confidence about my body and all the hard work I have put into loosing my weight but I know I still have a long journey, and I wont get there by doing nothing.

So many people have referred the Nike motto to me recently, “Just Do It” – and it is as simple as it says. You just have to do it.


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