The Vincent Brothers – Abbi Glines


‘Smouldering Sawyer Vincent is in a bad way after his break-up with Ashton Gray. Loosing the girl he dreamed of marrying is bad enough, but to lose her to his brother beau is plain humiliating.

But Sawyer won’t be alone for long – not if Ashton’s cousin Lana has her way. Lana’s grown up to be a pouting femme fatale and she wants Sawyer, real bad.

But deep down, will Lana ever feel good enough to compete with Ashton in Sawyer’s eyes?
She’s red hot, but inside, Lana’s still the shy geeky girl she used to be.

Lana’s gonna need all her sexy powers of persuasion to make this gorgeous Vincent boy her man…’

Rating: 4/5

I finished book #1 & #2 within two days. I couldn’t put them down. Although, I did favour The Vincent Boys due to bad boy Beau. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance novel.



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