A bad day.

I regret waking up today. The second my eyes opened I knew I was in for a shit storm. No matter how hard I try, I still can’t shake these thoughts or the way I let them effect me. I am physically exhausted from feeling like complete shit. It’s like my mind is my worst … More A bad day.

The Vincent Boys – Abbi Glines

‘Preacher’s daughter Ashton Gray is gorgeous, good and kind, and she’s dating Sawyer Vincent – handsome school quarterback and all-round gentleman. Sawyer’s perfect, and Ashton knows it. But when Sawyer leaves town for the summer, Ashton gets to spending time with his cousin Beau. Unlike Sawyer, Beau is a bona fide bad-boy – drinking, sleeping … More The Vincent Boys – Abbi Glines


I only read the good books, trust me! Here I will share my collection and thoughts on books I have read and you might get a bit of hype when I want a new book getting released! I am by no means a professional, I just love reading. These are my view’s on the books … More BOOK REVIEW’S:

Morning Motivation

Good morning everyone!! I found some motivation to get my ass out of bed and go for a walk this morning. I woke up early, horrible sleep. Its Sunday here in Australia and the morning was nice and foggy, so I leashed up my four legged companion and went into town and walked along the … More Morning Motivation

Our Garden

Our garden is looking so good! Nothing is ready yet but we are getting close! Also, I have the best Mother in law. Nathan and his mum went out shopping last week and came home to surprise me with a pool. I tried multiple times to cart her ass back there and get her money … More Our Garden

Under Pressure

I cooked dinner for my mother in law, my partner and his grandma tonight. Turned out well, but my god. The fucking pressure. Pressure to make sure it is perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I am on the opposite end on the spectrum from being perfect but that didn’t stop me from feeling nervous, anxious, … More Under Pressure